Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

By Daniel Epler

I don't mind this movie!

Spoilers abound in this review.

Look, Halloween 6 really has it's haters. But I honestly think there's a lot to like about it. It takes place a few years after part 5 and centers on Tommy (the kid Laurie babysits in part 1) and Kara, who I believe is Laurie's cousin. Man, the continuity in this series is crazy and so convoluted. That's the thing about this movie. It's the craziest in the series since part 3. It's so crazy it seems like fan-fiction. And it kind of is considering the guy who wrote it is a total Halloween super fan. But if you guys have read my reviews, you know I don't mind crazy one bit. The druid cult plot of the series take center stage after only being hinted at in part 5. It turns out Michael isn't just a crazy person! He is the chosen one sacrificed by a cult to be the supernatural embodiment of pure evil. And now he's trying to get his niece Jamie's baby and sacrifice him to evil or something like that. I know it's dumb!  But I view it as just a crazy movie. It doesn't change my view of the original. I view the original as Michael being just an escaped mental patient. But as they kept making movies about Michael, I was happy they did something different! There isn't a ton to do with a mental patient and the well was dry. Making it a movie about a crazy cult was new and different and interesting to me. Sure a ton of it makes no sense, but it is different. And I would argue that it's entertaining.

Michael also looks great here. This my favorite look for Michael since the first one. It took them a long time, but they finally got the mask right! I also think this is the first installment since 2 that appears to be trying to be scary. Michael is the very most brutal here and I think it was necessary. More than any of the movies he is supposed to be pure supernatural evil, so much so he was basically created by an evil cult. His horrible brutality is much needed and is truly horrifying. There's a very dark and creepy atmosphere that is a much needed improvement over the last one where Michael is always standing around town in broad daylight or driving a car.

I love Paul Rudd. I love Paul Rudd in everything. I'm such a huge fan of this guy and I love him being in this one. I actually really like his weird performance. He's charming of course, because Paul Rudd can be nothing else, but he's also a little crazy, unhinged and possibly dangerous. The way he beats on Michael and clearly enjoys it is something we hadn't yet seen in the series. I think it's a powerful moment. Paul Rudd elevates the movie for me.

Contrary to what almost everyone says, I think this is one of Donald Pleasence's better performances as Loomis. He's more subdued and feels like a human being. I feel sympathy for him instead of annoyance. Apparently he died not long after this shooting of this film, and that's a shame. And what else is a shame is the "tribute" to him at the end. The end of this film is Loomis getting killed by Michael off camera, and then we get 'in memory of Donald Pleasance' on the screen. Seriously? Just let Loomis die of old age for goodness sake. That is garbage.

The movie has it's other problems for sure. I don't like Jamie coming back and being horribly killed. But it's not as bad for me as when Rachel is killed in part 5. Partly because it's not Danielle Harris so I feel less of a connection to her. But I think it's mostly because her death was necessary for the plot of the film, and Rachel's death was not. I'm also not a fan of the Strode Dad here because he's a ridiculous cartoon. There's bad acting here for sure. The attempts at jump scares are way over the top with obnoxiously loud noises.

However, I'm a fan of this movie. I think it's a crazy movie with a weird plot, but it's something different. Michael looks fantastic and there's some scary stuff. Don't worry about the illogical plot and have some fun!

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